Be part of a movement to transform healthcare, helping everyone to get physiologically "younger" and healthier. We need visionary people who are out-of-the-box thinkers and really want to make a difference. This is the cutting edge where biology, life and data sciences meet engineering and technology!

our core behaviors

Individual awareness
Engage with care
Pulling for each other
Humble yet confident
Passion to inspire others
Open mindset
Out-of-the-box thinking
Fearless leaders
Appetite to assume responsibility
Desire to make a difference

Meet your
future team


Meet our leaders that help us drive a new tomorrow, and take a look at what they have done.


Have a peek through a small lens on the culture we are driving, the people, the love, and most importantly, the coffee -or tea- we drink.

LifeQ Careers

Tired of looking for a place to fit into, a career to call home - especially in this remote world? Take a peek at our culture, and have a look at the posts we are busy filling here. If you love what you have seen, and don't find a spot in our job board, please email - we want to hear from you!

Open careers

Adventurers needed

Do you want to be heard, want to stand out, want to be recognized and drive a new tomorrow? Are you ready to join the adventure of a lifetime? Come join us!

Possible LifeQ career paths

At LifeQ, you are not limited to the role you apply for. We believe in growth and evolving your role to where you can make the biggest difference and contribution. In short, we have around 100 people in the company, and 40 plus different career paths you could take! We regularly identify strengths, capabilities and dreams, and help mold team members into new, challenging roles - be this technical advancement, fulfilling science dreams, or leadership coaching. It is really hard to stagnate in our company!

Our hiring process

We have a very thorough interviewing process: you'll have the opportunity to meet every stakeholder relevant to your role, meet the team and learn more about LifeQ's vision and mission.

"During the research engineering interviewing process candidates have repeatedly asked me what the opportunities for growth are like at LifeQ and I love watching their surprise as I gleefully tell them about my journey from biochemist to physiologist to research engineer. Stories like my own, and a few coworkers, make me very proud to be a part of the team."
- George Cooper

A career and people you can love
Diverse & evolving working opportunities
Flexible working environment
International opportunities
Hyper-connected, flat organization
Relaxed office atmosphere
International relocations/ experiences
Engagement with world leading companies
Working amidst brilliant people

Join Us!

LifeQ goes beyond the basic perks you'd expect like remote offices and free food - we also focus on employee happiness and work-life balance.

Champion your own successes
Be heard, be part of, drive


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