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20+ devices with 10 different companies and two big new ones coming soon.

number of users

Four million devices enabled – planning another 10 million in the next 12 months.

I want to work on health and wellness solutions

Cool things we’ve done

Identified someone who is Covid-19 positive and prevented them from going to the office.

Picked up someone with a heart defect.

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We value open discussion, and that is why you can set up syncs with anyone from the CEO to your peers about anything, anytime. 

We involve our employees and like to keep them informed, with weekly catch-up sessions, newsletters, and podcasts.

We know that our employees are human, with families, dogs, and health and wellness needs. We strive to be as accommodating as possible so that you can prioritize what is most important to you. Whether it is that you need/want to bring your dog to work, coach your kid’s soccer team on Thursday afternoons, or pop out for a doctor’s appointment, we get it. 

We trust our employees - that is why we have flexible working hours and a flexible work-from-home policy. We trust you to get your work done and to be available as agreed with your team.

We like the people we work with, and (Covid-19 willing) like to spend time with them.


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Are you a coffee or a tea person?
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More than 6 (i.e. I'm constantly buzzing!)
Are you a dog or a cat person?
Which one do you prefer?
Star Wars
Star Trek
Star what
Which one do you prefer?
Board games
Console games
PC games
I don't do games
Which one do you associate with most?
Which one do you prefer?
I don't really drink alcohol
Which one do you prefer?
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We celebrate ourselves monthly with brags, tags, and kudos of the month.


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We on a growth journey for nearly a decade and need more adventurers to join our team and conquer the world! Are you ready to join the adventure of a lifetime?


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what the team says

I’d just like to thank you for being our leader and for driving our company the way that you do. I feel privileged to be back with my LifeQ team and I couldn’t be happier and more content as a person. Something that I’d like to give you some feedback on: I am bowled over at your involvement with the team and each of the projects. I feel truly inspired when I am sitting in a Zoom meeting with you - both internal and external meetings - and it makes me motivated to work even harder. Thank you Laurie, it's really rare to have a CEO so involved. I’m very proud of everything that has been achieved and I look forward to an even more successful and rewarding year.

Data Scientist

I am very grateful to have become a part of the LifeQ story and I am excited for the journey ahead!! It will surely be put to good use. I really have been enjoying my time at LifeQ, the people are friendly, supportive, and easy to get along with; the work is engaging and relevant to the professional and academic path I intend to walk at the intersection of healthcare and machine learning. I feel like there are numerous interesting avenues LifeQ is tapping into in this space and I am keen to see how far we take them.

Research Engineer

It is good to see what we have achieved and how the company is breaking new ground on all fronts. This is promising for me as an employee and I feel more relaxed about the leadership and how decisions are made. Thank you for driving this colossal ship and taking control of a bad situation. Ek is 100% seker daarvan dat die volgende jaar gaan die grootste mees EPICste jaar wees vir LifeQ!

Data Scientist

Dis vir my 'n besonderse voorreg om deel van die LifeQ span en missie te wees en ek is terdeë opgewonde vir die groot geleenthede wat die toekoms vir ons inhou! Saam kan ons bitter baie bereik!

Chief Solutions Officer

I am so proud to be a part of LifeQ. Thank you for everything and I can’t wait for the years to come!

IP Paralegal

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this journey, I look forward to the coming year and hope solutions will kick off with a bang.

Smart Devices Engineering Lead

This is going to be an extraordinary year for LifeQ!

Senior Software Engineer

Thanks for the good leadership you have been providing for us.

Senior Software Engineer

Ek is bitter bly, opgewonde, en trots op ons spannetjie wat, en om te sien hoe ons so kon groei soos wat ons het.

Electronic Engineer

Thank you also for your leadership through this difficult year. I know you really care for us as employees, which is something not often seen in today's world. I am very grateful to be part of such a hard working, talented team, and excited for the year ahead!

Senior Data Scientist

During the research engineering interviewing process candidates have repeatedly asked me what the opportunities for growth are like at LifeQ and I love watching their surprise as I gleefully tell them about my journey from biochemist to physiologist to research engineer. Stories like my own, and a few coworkers, make me very proud to be a part of the team. I acknowledge that for stories like these to exist you and the rest of senior management are required to put a lot of faith in each of us and I know this level of growth opportunity is not a common feature of the workplace. I can't wait to push it even further this year.

Research Engineering Lead


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Office locations

The Woodmill
Office 9, First Floor
Vredenburg Road
Stellenbosch, 7600
Jansdam 2c
3512 HB
LifeQ Headquarters
5755 North Point Pkwy
Suite 96
Alpharetta GA, 30022

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