leadership team

Laurie Olivier

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Significant global corporate, startup, business development, and venture capital private equity experience over 40 years in more than 50+ companies with qualifications in electronics engineering, business administration and data science.

Franco du Preez

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

Specializing in molecular science, genetics, holds a PhD in computational systems biology, and is widely published. Brings significant research and lecturing experience in multiple global universities

Etienne Terblanche

Chief Technology Officer

Serial entrepreneur and 30+ years of technology leadership experience with several companies with qualifications in electronics engineering, computer science, and accounting.

Benita Pretorius

Chief Solutions Officer

Project and operations management experience in biotech companies with qualifications in biochemistry.

Christopher Rimmer

Chief Commercial Officer

20+ years of global strategic and commercial experience in a range of companies with qualifications in business administration.

Andrew Brummer

Chief Service Officer

30+ years of global business optimization and business development support with global corporations and technology companies.

Armin Deffur

Chief Medical Officer

Specialist in infectious diseases and general medicine with significant research and lecturing experience in multiple global universities. Affiliated with multiple hospitals globally and deep experience in computational biology and network sciences. Holds a range of qualifications and a PhD in medicine. Brings 20+ years of experience and is widely published.

Irshaad Ebrahim

Chief Sleep Officer

Sleep Specialist in comprehensive Sleep Disorder diagnostic and treatment. Founder London Sleep Centre. 20+ years experience underpinned by Psychiatry and Neuroscience, Fellow Royal College of Psychiatrists & American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Michael Lumpkin
VP Sales
Liani du Preez
VP Finance: Legal & Investors
Thinus Gerber
VP Finance: Reporting & Compliance
Franc Paul
VP Platform
Nic Alberts
VP Engineering

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