global Partners

The vision of LifeQ, leveraging the depth of our skills, has drawn global leaders in a wide range of fields, to work with LifeQ in a range of novel problem solving, from how sensors effectively work on different skin types, transferring mass amounts of data, pre-detecting Covid-19 and chronic health problems, and delivering some provocative user and business interfaces to corporate, doctors and hospitals.

These leverage the combination of the best of LifeQ; innovative science, engineering, technology, physiological understandings, augmented with partner innovative business models, and go-to-market strategies.

Technology Partners

LifeQ works with a range of silicon companies and original design manufacturers (ODMs), maximizing LifeQ’s platform-agnostic approach while entrenching LifeQ as the world-leading independent provider of biometric and health solutions for wearables.

silicon companies

odm (original design manufacturers)

Platform Partners

The LifeQ platform leverages a range of components, including partner solutions, consisting of cloud computing (Amazon Web Services) that receives and processes the data streams. These information streams initiate at the smart watch (sensor) through platform partners such as Google, to the LifeQ cloud. This processing includes proprietary components such Google’s TensorFlow Lite machine learning framework Mobile and Edge Devices, algorithms, on wearable computing, and mobile devices. 

LifeQ constantly collaborates closely with individual partners in a drive to continue the innovation and validation of their business specific technologies and strategies.

Solution Partners

The LifeQ solution network includes companies whose strategies are to solve very specific, complex  health problems. We work with these companies to merge knowledge and know-how, extending deliverables and impacting serious global challenges including:  

sleep apnea
remote patient monitoring

clinical wearables

Cardiac Solution
Cardiac Solution


Cardiac Solution

sensors and algorithms

Cardiac Solution
Cardiac Solution


Cardiac Solution

Academic & Research Partners

The LifeQ science team has drawn the attention of, and is engaged with a wide range of leading institutions with a mission of pushing the research boundaries and validating novel solutions through shared academic and or clinical trials.

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