LifeQ leadership team

Franco du Preez

Chief scientist & Co-Founder

Franco is a renowned system biologist with an incredible ability to apply computational systems biology to complex real-world problems that influence human health and well-being. During his academic career, Franco (in collaborations across five continents) has published several articles and book chapters on the modeling of complex biological systems in international peer-reviewed research journals.

company experience

  • LifeQ
  • HealthQ Technologies
  • University of Manchester
  • Triple-J Group, Stellenbosch University


  • Access point to SBML, SBGN and MIRIAM compliant annotation
  • Web-accessible model database, simulator and research tool
  • From steady‐state to synchronized yeast glycolytic oscillations I & II: model construction and validation
  • Platform for sharing data and models in systems biology
  • A mathematical modeling approach to assessing the reliability of biomarkers of glutathione metabolism
  • Application of systems biology  to cell metabolism, focus on glycolysis
  • Sustained glycolytic oscillations in individual isolated yeast cells
  • A comparative analysis of kinetic models of erythrocyte glycolysis

Academic qualifications

  • Post-doctoral position at Manchester School of Computer Science
  • PhD Computational Systems Biology, Stellenbosch University
  • MSc Molecular Genetics, University of Pretoria