By leveraging our in depth knowledge and understanding of human physiology and systems biology, our multi-disciplinary team of scientists and technologists have developed a suite of disruptive solutions and services – delivering benefits to a range of stakeholders:


Consumers will benefit from accurate and insightful health information, disease prevention and management programs and more affordable and tailored life and health insurance products. LifeQ ensures that the consumer has full control and ownership of their health information and a strict user opt-in only approach is followed on the LifeQ platform. The platform is compliant with European privacy and security regulations as well as HIPAA.

Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker and other Wearable Device Companies

Smart watch, fitness tracker and other wearable device companies are able to unlock, and continuously track, digital biomarkers that have already been vetted by the insurance and healthcare industry for its usefulness to reliably assess the health of an individual, as it pertains to the insurance and healthcare industry.

Insurers and Reinsurers

Insurers and reinsurers will have access to a range of health information streams from their members. These information streams enable low cost, user friendly and efficient risk analytics and on boarding. They also enable accurate and continuous monitoring allowing for better wellness and disease prevention and management services. The ability to have continuous risk analytics as well as prediction and efficient management of incidents and claims leads to better profitability and direct ties between wellness and prevention programs to the bottom line.

Insuretech and Healthtech Companies

Insuretech and healthtech companies, such as user engagement, wellness and disease prevention and management specialists, will benefit from curated person-specific continuous health information streams opening up a range of new personalized products and services.

Clinicians, Researchers and Analytics Companies

Clinicians, researchers and analytics companies to leverage health information streams available from LifeQ to do research and create new services and solutions.

LifeQ delivers deep scientific solutions and services to companies. We have also expanded the LifeQ platform to include a suite of ecosystem/partnering tools and services to allow LifeQ and our clients along with our partners to jointly deliver real value to consumers through the insurance and consumer health industries.

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