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LifeQ and Medibio to Deliver Scalable Mental Wellness Diagnostic and Management Tools

January 4th, 2017 Posted by News Story, Press Release 0 comments on “LifeQ and Medibio to Deliver Scalable Mental Wellness Diagnostic and Management Tools”

The platform only requires inputs from wrist-based wearables to arm people with information to continuously monitor and manage their mental wellbeing

January 04, 2017: LAS VEGAS, Medibio and LifeQ today announced at CES a partnership towards delivering mental wellness diagnostic and management solutions to a wide range of users through insurance and corporate programs. Mental health and wellness is a significant issue globally. Left untreated, chronic stress and depression can result in serious health conditions including anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system, contributing to the development of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, and anxiety disorders.

This partnership combines LifeQ’s systems biology modeling and unique suite of information streams with Medibio’s 15 years of mental health research and objective test for mental wellness. Together, Medibio and LifeQ will deliver a solution that enables stakeholders, including payers, providers and wellness companies, to benefit from a completely new range of products and services.
Leveraging LifeQ’s groundbreaking systems biology based approached, which enables the extraction of a range of accurate measures and metrics from wrist based wearables, Medibio’s solution will be extended through continuous measurement and made available at scale.

Distribution of these outputs will be further enhanced and enabled by LifeQ’s Information Platform that seamlessly connects an ecosystem of domain experts, all of whom will now be able to access and use these information outputs. LifeQ is dedicated to promoting the proliferation of physiological data to eliminate boundaries and enhance quality of life globally. From powering health information platforms that bring prevention and efficient care to the world, to technology inside the best wearable body monitoring devices, LifeQ technology is empowering people to redefine the way they engage with their unique human biology.

“Medibio skills are hugely complementary to LifeQ’s and it is exactly the type of specialist company LifeQ set out to enable with our ability to deliver highly accurate physiological information. We believe this partnership will have the potential for a groundbreaking shift in the current approach to diagnosis and management of mental wellness – now one of the single biggest cost factors in the global health burden,” said Riaan Conradie President and Co-Founder LifeQ.

In commenting on the partnership, Sean Mathieson, the Chief Operating Officer of Medibio said, “We are excited by the potential of LifeQ’s innovative approach to digital health and wellness. We can see business opportunities and synergies across a number of our target market segments.”

About LifeQ

LifeQ is pioneering a new front in the effort to bring meaningful digital health and wellness insights and platforms to market. By leveraging in-house multidisciplinary skills and partnering with other analytics providers, LifeQ is able to create and bring together the vital science and technology platforms needed to bridge the industry gap between scalable and cutting edge data acquisition technologies and personalized health and lifestyle-related information platforms. The resulting data and platforms will be made easily scalable and accessible to global insurance and corporate wellness providers, pharmaceutical suppliers, genomics researchers and others via APIs into LifeQ’s deidentification and switching protocol. Taken as a whole, the LifeQ platform is creating exciting new opportunities for an ever-expanding array of health and wellness opportunities, building sustainable value for investors and partners, and enhancing the lives of people everywhere.

About Medibio

Medibio (ASX: MEB), is a medical technology company that has developed an objective test to assist in the diagnosis of depression, chronic stress and other mental health disorders. Based on research conducted over 15 years at the University of Western Australia, the test utilizes patented (and patent pending) circadian heart rate variability and cloud based proprietary algorithms delivering a quantifiable measure to assist in clinical diagnosis. Medibio’s depression diagnostic is being validated in clinical studies undertaken by The University of Ottawa, among others. The clinical trials will support Medibio’s application to become the first FDA approved, objective, and evidence based approach to the diagnosis of mental health disorders. Medibio’s technology also provides an objective method for the assessment of stress and mental wellbeing that can be translated to the workplace stress/wellbeing market, wearable technology and App market. Located in Melbourne (Vic) Medibio is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange Ltd.