terms of use

Last updated: April, 2021

lifeq aims to keep you well
these terms of use apply to all LifeQ services
1. lifeq privacy policy
2. use of the lifeq services
3. creating an account
4. necessary equipment
5. posting and licensing your content on the lifeq service
6. no harmful content or activity allowed on the lifeq service
7. lifeq intellectual property and other rights
8. what you can and cannot do on the lifeq service
9. lifeq's enforcement rights
10. use the lifeq service at your own risk
11. consult your doctor before using Lifeq and for any health concerns
12. feedback and submissions policy
13. electronic communications, alerts and notifications
14. used third-party services at your own risk
15 . changes to the lifeq service
16. termination
17. important disclaimers
18. indemnity
19. important exclusions and limitations of our liability
20. general terms
21. additional terms may apply
22. contacting lifeq