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LifeQ is the leading independent provider of biometrics and health information software for wearable devices, which can play a significant role in managing our health. These wearables continuously and accurately track critical biometrics used in the extraction of a range of health metrics and solutions.

Why LifeQ Enabled

LifeQ Enabled devices allow you to wear devices longer, charge more infrequently and allow you to have multiple devices for specific social settings (style, activity, event) you are enjoying. Our goal is to remove all friction, encouraging you to wear your device for longer periods of time, around the clock regardless of work, dinner or special event.

This is possible as LifeQ Enabled devices are configured to continuously gather the most accurate and broadest range of biometrics, at the lowest possible power consumption, in the most form-fitting wearable for you, right now. This allows us to deliver unrivaled health information into the ecosystem that will in near real-time help you become informed on what you are doing in the moment and how it is impacting your health. These include:

wider range of information
Health focused metrics yet being dreamed of.
higher accuracy
Wear your device for information beyond what you know.
maximum battery
Managing LED power consumption to fit the moment.
broader coverage
Regardless of activity or skin color.
flexible connectivity
Your choice of information upload and consumption.
style flexibility
Choose one of the covered brands and styles that will match your persona, and then change it tomorrow.
simple connections to health services
We make it easy for you to self-select your health partners.
shorten the development cycle
 Rinse and repeat for us, regardless of sensor or silicon partner.
wider range of solutions and capabilities
The range of information allows us to find new insights for you, about you, all of the time.
design flexibility for future devices
Everything from the ground up, mechanical and electronic components, we’ve seen it all.

How we enable your device

wow - that's 100 man years!

The LifeQ team of specialists have worked with the world’s largest silicon and electronics companies for 10 years to develop an unrivaled set of skills, tools and software for the measurement of biometrics on a range of wearable devices, specializing in wrist based. 

Services available to our wearable device customers include:


Assistance in innovation, design, and optimization of mechanical, opto-mechanical, sensor, and electronic components towards optimal signal quality, biometric accuracy and coverage.

sensor Management:

Firmware to maximize performance within the device at the lowest power consumption.


To extract key biometrics and calculate a range of health metrics:
Foundational: heart rate, beat-to-beat intervals 
Calculated metrics for: heart, fitness, sleep, activity and respiration health.


Software and tools to collate and compress data for easy low friction transportation.

Examples of LifeQ biometrics
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how we can supercharge your wearable

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