Our Mission

Add Healthspan to Your Lifespan

Your Longevity, Empowered

Our sedentary lifestyles have cost us—now it's time to reclaim control! Understanding the impact of your choices today, means you'll have the power to control your biological aging tomorrow.

Be empowered with LifeQ's wearable technology, where you gain access to non-invasive disease screening and real-time biometric feedback, transforming daily habits into lifelong wellness.

Why wait to feel better tomorrow when you can start today?

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Welcome to a New Era of Health

Life expectancy has soared, but so have lifestyle diseases that cloud our golden years. At LifeQ, we turn the tide on aging by blending cutting-edge technology with a focus on preventative health. Dive into a life where each day adds to a future vibrant with potential. Ready to redefine your health journey?

Why Choose LifeQ?

LifeQ wearable chip

Leading with Precision and Insight

LifeQ stands at the forefront of health technology, offering insights derived from over 150 physiological biomarkers through our wearables. From disease detection to personalized lifestyle recommendations, we are your partner in health optimization. Join us and be part of the movement shaping the future of health.

The LifeQ Edge

Precision Meets Innovation:

Merging medical-grade accuracy with consumer-friendly wearables.

Efficiency Redefined:

More data, less charging—experience health tracking made seamless.

Science at its Core:

Our algorithms are crafted at the intersection of AI and systems biology.

Trusted + Validated:

Choose reliability with our solutions validated to be 77% more accurate than competitors.

our key offerings

From Wellness to Transformation

LifeQ is not just about tracking health; it's about changing lives. Our solutions bridge the gap between everyday wellness and critical health insights, providing tailored support whether you're an individual, a healthcare provider, or a business.

Health Suites Designed for You

Comprehensive Coverage:

Our technology spans all facets of your physiological health. Start to understand your sleep, heart health, fitness, respiratory wellness, activity and lifestyle habits, mental health and even unlock and action non-invasive disease screening.

Industry Solutions:

Telemedicine, corporate health, insurance, wearable enablement, and consumer wellness to name a few —find your fit with LifeQ.

Empower. Engage. Enhance.

For a Better Tomorrow

With LifeQ, engage in a proactive approach to health that empowers users, enhances corporate wellness, and extends the boundaries of traditional medicine. Make informed decisions with our biometric data and take a step towards a healthier future today. Ready to join us on this transformative journey?