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Tapping into the Human Sensor

LifeQ delivers  high-value personalized health information, which would traditionally be inaccessible or only obtainable through costly, invasive and inaccessible means.

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LifeQ, Tapping into the Human Sensor

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LifeQ works globally with industry leading partners and customers, enabling their products and working together to develop unique health focussed solutions.

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LifeQ customers and partners

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How LifeQ Biometrics Improves Your Health and Longevity

If we measured your body, what would we find? Biometrics refers to body measurements and calculations related to human characteristics. An example of biometrics is voice recognition and fingerprint scanning. Now, this information is often used to guard our secrets. However, what if we could use the information to uncover the secret to longevity?

Longevity Live spoke to Laurence Olivier, the CEO of LifeQ, the leading provider of biometrics and health information derived from wearable devices, helping people live healthier lives.

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