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Healthier clients. Lower risk pools.
Everyone wins with LifeQ.

LifeQ offers an insurance-ready platform that provides insurers with continuous health data for their insured population.

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Lower the risk of your client pool while supporting healthier lifestyle choices.

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Leverage insights from wearable devices to actively manage health risks toward lower claims.

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Contribute to the development of new customer engagement, risk assessment, and underwriting methodologies using digital health data. 

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Integrated Health Management
+ Life Insurance

Develop a truly digital approach to health data with LifeQ.

BioAge™ + Your Business

Policyholder indicator

BioAge™ is an indicator of the policyholder's physiological state and lifestyle decisions, offering a comparison to their conventional, chronological age as a means to assess overall health and well-being.

All-cause mortality risk

A BioAge™ lower than chronological age indicates a reduced all-cause mortality risk thanks to healthy lifestyle choices.

Benefits for YOU

Reduce Claims

Healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices and a focus on early detection and intervention will lower risk, which in turn will save on claims.

Customer Retention

Retain policyholders through improved customer insights and personalized engagement.


Positive brand positioning, new distribution opportunities, the opportunity to insure high-risk cohorts,  and reduced acquisition costs are inducive for growth.

Benefits for YOUR policyholders

Health Insights + Tips

Give policyholders access to a better understanding of their comprehensive health state (sleep, fitness, activity, heart, mental etc.) and how to improve it.

Preventative Health

Early detection of acute- and chronic disease states is possible with LifeQ’s disease flagging technology.


Reward policyholders for healthy living (eg., bonus cover, cashbacks, or reduced premiums).

Personalized pricing

Offer policyholders fair and personalized pricing that matches their mortality risk.

about lifeq

Q'uick Hello

LifeQ is the leading independent provider of biometrics and health insights derived from smartwatches and other wearables. Our unique approach combines computational systems biology and comprehensive, cloud-based bio-algorithms to produce 150+ physiological biomarkers.

Partnered with the Life Insurance industry since 2016, LifeQ packaged existing outputs and developed new metrics related to all-cause mortality risk. We call it BioAge™ – and it benefits both the insurer and the policyholder.

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