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that wants people from all walks of life to enjoy optimal health


LifeQ wants people from all walks of life to enjoy optimal health. We implement a unique multidisciplinary approach underpinned by in depth knowledge and understanding of human physiology and systems biology to extract and deliver relevant and meaningful person-specific digital biomarkers from various curated data sources.

In collaboration with other leaders and innovators, we enable the secure delivery of proactive, tailored, and scalable health and risk management solutions with proven outcomes through the LifeQ platform. Our secure platform, which has already been integrated with the world’s most scalable health information platforms, ensures a strict user opt-in only process is followed throughout, thereby upholding individual data privacy.

LifeQ’s solutions are already enabling body monitoring devices and risk metrics for the global insurance and corporate wellness industries. We are continuously opening up a wide array of new and ever-expanding health and wellness ecosystem opportunities; building a sustainable value for investors and partners; and enhancing the lives of consumers and enterprise worldwide.

Tapping into the Human Sensor

LifeQ generates, and makes available, high-value personalized health information, which would traditionally be inaccessible or only obtainable through costly, invasive and inaccessible means.

Latest News

Striiv and LifeQ Create Revolutionary Wrist Based Body Monitoring Platform

February 18, 2017,ORLANDO, Fla. Striiv and LifeQ today announced their program to jointly develop a high-scale, low-friction; personalized health information platform for the corporate wellness, insurance, care provider and pharmaceutical industries.


LifeQ pursues a highly multi-disciplinary approach.

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