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Your 360-Degree Health Mirror & companion

For every step of your holistic health journey:


our dream

is to empower everyone to delay aging, optimize your health, harness more energy, reduce the probability of disease, and understand why and how your body is changing, right now! It is in your power to be your biologically younger self.

our mission

is to enable consumers to make better decisions to live healthier lives through optimizing health, and be in a position to make smarter, informed, health decisions. We're giving people the science and data-backed future of wellness.

we will do this by

giving you a 360-degree personalized health mirror, along with the tools, tailored recommendations, and business partners that cover every aspect of your health.

We can do this because

We are the leading independent provider of biometrics and health information derived from wearable device. We help people to better understand their own bodies, detect health problems, prevent illness, and live healthier lives. 

We have a number of top tier partners (including Fortune 10) that will bring their preventative and wellness offerings to their team members, customers, and clinical entities that will enhance their curative services through parallel access to 24/7 physiological health streams and services.

Most significantly, we are the seminal independent party that understands your physiology from sensors to solutions; from silicon to wearable companies, through scientific and biological parts of the human body, and how silicon can interpret the human science of you. We are solving cross vertical, industry and geographic global problems.

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No matter where you are in your health journey, LifeQ will create a personalized, holistic, 24/7 monitoring recipe for your body, and help you track and manage your personal health needs:

Extreme Athlete
maximize performance
enhance your fitness
health nut
maximize health
Improve health outcomes & metrics
average joe
prolong health
detect Covid-19 and track your sleep health
couch potato
improve health
generate better metrics to potato longer
sick person
restore health
provide visibility on your progress &  cure diseases

We are a health companion who can help you impact your life 

We have been privileged to impact lives, improve health, performance, and detect diseases:

saved lives

Detected a cardiac anomaly & prevented a heart attack


Identified chronic depression & counselor worked to remediate 


Identified physiological changes as a result of fasting

frail care

Improved an aging family member's quality of life


Detected Covid-19 and  symptomatic & asymptomatic insights

How you can join in!

Here are some examples of solutions and problems we are solving. Our technologically independent business model is bespoke by design - we regularly tailor offerings to fit new novel markets that no one has yet thought of.

Performance Suite

Powered by the LifeQ health App

Provides you the ability to carefully and  intimately track your fitness progression, when to push harder, when to slow down, and at what stages your physiology benefits from sports activities the most.


Sleep Features

Powered by the lifeQ health app

While it has been estimated that millions suffer from chronic sleep disorders, the vast majority of disorders remain untreated and undiagnosed. LifeQ provides insights and action plans for sleep needs and greater health.


Corporate Wellness Feature

Powered by the LifeQ health App

Offering companies the ability to track illnesses such as Covid-19, help employees and team members seek early treatment, and keep office infections to a minimum.


Sports Coach Feature

Powered by the LifeQ health App

Giving the coach the ability to track the training and health state of the team members, on and off of the field.


our uniqueness

• • • we connect the physiological dots • • •

cheststrapear wearringfitness bandpatcheye wearsmartwatch, Moto360

Wearable Independence

LifeQ boasts a significant list of wearables enabled with various levels of LifeQ-enabled technologies, including cutting edge sensors and components, harnessing the power of algorithms, in partnership with the largest companies in the world.


Cross Industry Platform

We use platform technologies to bring all of the LifeQ enabled devices, LifeQ solutions, partners and customers together in a simple, unique, secure way that allows consumers to intimately manage their data, have accessibility, and see what their data is used for.


Scientific Based Biometrics

We have the broadest, most accurate biometrics that wearables can deliver where our data is validated off of the golden standard and our industry reference devices are FDA approved.


LifeQ Covered

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LifeQ as a Company