Extend sleep treatments
to patients’ homes

LifeQ extends sleep treatment to patients’ homes allowing sleep clinicians to provide an ongoing, 24/7 screening service while maintaining important in-clinic patient lab study services as well.

Join us at SLEEP 2023 where we’ll be showcasing 24-hour Sleep Health:  
the world's first-of-its-kind sleep monitoring solution monitoring all sleep episodes
using everyday consumer wearables.

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Identify + Classify
all sleep within a 24-hour period

LifeQ’s first-of-its-kind 24-hour sleep solution identifies and classifies all sleep within a 24-hour period with the use of consumer wearables.

LifeQ empowers people to make preventative health a priority by:

Detecting patterns or changes in user's 24-hour sleep data.

Notifying them when signs of disease are flagged.

And connecting them with you, the sleep clinician.

LifeQ 24-hour Sleep Health is great for sleep clinicians too:

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LifeQ 24-hour Sleep Health Brochure

Some sleep disorders are identified based on sleepiness outside of core sleep, or the time between “going to bed” and “getting up”.

LifeQ’s first-of-its-kind 24-hour sleep solution identifies and classifies all sleep within a 24-hour period.

About LifeQ

Known for our biometric enablement and healthcare connections for wearables, LifeQ is excited to enter the market and provide comprehensive, continuous, end-to-end solutions for consumers and clinicians alike.

Based in Atlanta, GA, with offices in the Netherlands and South Africa as well, LifeQ enables a wide range of readily-available, affordable consumer wearables to gather clinical-grade data in near real-time. When combined with a deep understanding of computational systems biology, LifeQ turns these devices into comprehensive 24/7 lenses able to show the body’s bigger picture.

LifeQ is uniquely positioned to launch its suite of health solutions with a personalized, preventative virtual care platform that can screen for and flag signs of disease. LifeQ empowers clinicians with the tools to make preventative health a priority for their patients.

clinical grade data leveraging
everyday consumer wearables

We offer connected, secured data that is continuous, comprehensive, and able to flag a growing number of diseases beyond just AFib. Real-time updates are accessible even when the designated clinician and/or patient are remote. With LifeQ, you can:


by seeing an evolving BioAge®
and personal insights to help you live a healthier life.


by monitoring changes and patterns in live biometric data to be notified before symptoms start.

Connect to proffesionals

by opting in to share longitudinal health data through configurable dashboards.

for more information on


Please email us at connect@lifeq.com