Your profile, means your personal readiness

The LifeQ approach is based on an individual’s physiology by leveraging scientific methods while making them personally relevant to you.  This is made possible by our high quality continuous data streams that feed into the Fitness Metric models. The purpose of individualizing metrics for you is to help you become aware of your current state of health-self, and help you work to become a better version tomorrow.

LifeQ Unique Values

LifeQ has the unique ability to generate the highest quality physiological signals that can be leveraged by the LifeQ machine learning models to provide you with the most accurate and personalized outputs.

The unique array of LifeQ biological inputs allow us to create monumentally different and reliable personal insights and promote physiological context effectively.

Near clinical accuracy
Multi-device data streams
Your device to fit your style per activity
Personalized Insights
Inform your choices - food, sleep, activity, intensity
Empirically know your training to your limits
Know when to stop 
Know when to be intense
Know when to slow down
Know your body

precise training sessions

session load
Monitoring your physiology strain for isolated sessions
training load
Monitoring the load distribution over a long periods of time used for assessments and training targets
7-day and 28-day windows
recovery status
Training smart and listening to YOUR underlying physiology to guide your training plan, when to go-hard or when to pull back
training readiness
Understanding your capacity to perform exercise considering various factors such as injury risk, cardiovascular recovery status, training variation, and training load targets
Tracking your rest and recuperation with accurate sleep stage detection and total sleep summaries
VO2max suite
Using an objective method to track the progress of your aerobic fitness
vo2max suite
Monitoring your physiology strain for isolated sessions
Speed based VO2max estimations for outside running (GPS dependent)
Submaximal treadmill based VO2max (short-protocol)
energy expenditure
Calculating the calories cost of the exercise session for your physiology based on your current status
Using an array of LifeQ datastreams to construct relevant feedback to aid you in understanding your own physiology and how your day-to-day actions affect your fitness capacity and performance.